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We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing Good and where we can do Better.
Love Golden Terrace Restaurant Banquet hall for parties..I already had 4 parties here so far. Rupi Wahala (manager)…is so professional!..Loved their food.
Har Inder
I had my wedding on Saturday and couldn’t have asked for a better wedding experience at such beautiful banquet hall. The staff is exceptional especially the lead staff which made us feel like home with such great service while waiting to make our main entrance into the hall. My guests were delighted with the service they received from the staff. The banquet hall looked beautiful after being set the packages are awesome and you have less stuff to worry about on such an important day. Couldn’t have made a better choice and definitely recommend this place. Im looking forward to make another party in this location. Rupi, the manager, was always available to speak with and always clarified any concern one has about the party. Thank you for such an amazing wedding experience..
Diana Macareno
I would definitely recommend this very gorgeous hall…. just finish booked for my wedding reception the customer service were top class …super excited for my big day at Golden Terrace Restaurant …
I have used this place a few times. Why? It is so diverse! You can have their chef create a meneu of any kind of food you wish. Or you can bring in your own catering co. Other awsome elements include a world class lighting desgin team and a kids room! Ask Rupi, she will bend over backwards to help you. Need a local dj or limo? Rupi knows everyone. The best part? It’s a toss up between the price and being close to the airport and hotels. I do events all the time and think this is an awsome place..
Luke D
Wow! I had my wedding there Labor Day weekend 2011, the wedding was wonderful! The staff was friendly, Rupi (the manager) was amazing and more than willing to offer any assistance. The Hall holds 800 people but we catered for 600. The lighting and TV screens around the room were setup, so that EVERYONE could see what was going on. My biggest worry was food but was NOT an issue that night. We catered from Kaituer Restaurant, which was suggested by Rupi (if we did outside catering). I might also add their menu can be made to your liking, they have a variety of food. The food is monitored by Rupi and if in the event it appears to run out, they have arrangements with the restaurant to have back up food. I was also made to understand their in house catering is great. I was a bride on a budget, but note that packages can be made to alter your budget! For 600 people i couldn’t go wrong! I can honestly say my wedding was great, my guests had no complaints. I had nothing to worry about, the staff knows what they are doing. The food was great. They don’t turn the lights off on you. They are patient in letting the stragglers leave the venue. The bathrooms are clean, the dinnerware was clean. If your anyone needed anything, they just have ask. Would i recommend this venue? You BET!
TS Diva
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